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    Unstuck is not meant to melt ice or snow, no matter how much you use.  It is meant to simply provide traction on whatever is on the ground that is making you slip.  It is not intended for the use in grassy or muddy areas, and is most effective on frozen surfaces with packed snow or ice.

   In all the testing and actual emergency uses, it has never taken longer than 6 minutes to get a tractor-trailer moving again and it has never needed to be applied twice.   The directions have been tested by real-world performance events and the amounts of the products and the methods to use the products have been scrutinized.  Be safe, drive slower in adverse weather, but before you need it, get Unstuck!!! 

Currently single tandems are outweighing the doubles in the numbers of incidents of getting immobilized by snow and ice. 

Current Applications:

  • Loaded Double Tandems uphill from a stoplight
  • Super Single tires (actually uses less to coat the tires)
  • Pulling away from inclined docs and loading ramps 
  • Snow piled up while sleeping
  • On and off ramps
  • Rest areas
  • Petroleum Tankers (Loaded Double Tandem) On the highway and in fuel stations (Buckets)
  • Frozen Boat ramps in duck season
  • Passenger Automobiles
  • Sidewalks with 1/8"-3/4"+ of ice
  • Truck Loading & Unloading

YouTube Usage Videos:

Woman Getting passenger Vehicle Unstuck


Van dragging Pallet


Unstuck Uphill against Speed bump

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