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About Us

   Unstuck!!! was founded by Doug Bonnizzio in response to winter weather and the logistical paralysis splattered across the news concerning I-40, I-30, and many other major arteries across America.

A problem exists.

 This problem is a silent thief that robs our trucking companies of revenue through small amounts of non-productive time.  We have been transporting products through winters for many years, yet our coping tools haven’t advanced past the 1970's.  Technological solutions are available, Unstuck!!!   applies chemistry and physics to a problem that needlessly sucks money from our economy.

Doug Bonnizzio

  Doug excelled in science, chemistry, physics and process analysis throughout college.  His tinkering led to problem solving in the trucking industry.  Fascinated by the sheer number of trucks on the road, he knew that logistically, we could stop the ripples of logistics interference from affecting our daily lives.

Doug now resides in Little Rock and enjoys working in the applied sciences across many industries.

"With this product; sitting idle on the side of the road, at a truck stop, an uphill off ramp, or on a frozen overpass is no longer an economical option."     

Neil Sutterfield
Neil was born and raised in Arkansas and has traveled and started many successful companies and brings experience introducing products and services to a market.   His strong sales abilities and easy-going communication style make having conversations about this new type of product easy.

Gary Stephens

  Gary was born and raised in Arkansas, and is involved with the trucking Industry as a logistics manager for over 25 years.  He was lured away from industry management due to the efficacy and applications of the Unstuck!!! products, and its ramifications in the trucking and other industries.  Gary has first-hand knowledge of the road (Not just when its sunny, but when it's 1:30am and iced-over) and knows what it takes to make a trucking company safe, efficient, and successful.



  I arrived at the 14th formula (patent pending) after going through several iterations that were less effective and would-have been more costly to the consumer, the environment, and/or trucking companies.

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