“Let’s Stop fooling around…It's time for some real traction”

Unstuck LLC

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←  Highway cameras catch one of the many expensive situations that have unfolded across America

   Unstuck is designed from the ground up to perform better than traditional sand, kitty litter, bleach, dirt, etc...it is designed to increase traction from 32 down to -60 degrees. It will not hurt the environment and will actually reverse the decades of acidity we have inflicted on the environment.

This is not progress

  …we have all seen this before

   …let’s do something different >>>

    …it’s time for some real traction >>>


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With a few specific questions and a lot of research, a new product took shape to keep America moving; by keeping truckers moving in snowy and icy weather.

Unstuck!!! Corporation was formed around a few basic concepts:

  • That a tractor trailer is an expensive purchase and is a valuable asset. 
  • It's job is to haul goods from one point to another.
  • When it's idle, and on the clock, it's not producing value, ...it is a liability, not an asset.
  • Trucking companies work on tight margins to provide inexpensive transportation services to a vast array of other corporations trying to get their products to market quickly.  
  When a truck gets immobilized by ice or snow only a few inches deep, this begins to cost the trucking company hundreds of dollars an hour, addition to that, if a tow truck is called, a minimum charge is roughly $450-$600.  So between the logistics time lost, and the check written to the towing company, it will run about  $750-$1000 to watch your tires spin.  

Get Unstuck!!!

Be on your way. Don't waste time putting out road cones or calling dispatch. 

    Also: owner-operators cannot transfer risk or additional operating expenses  to another division of the company, so they hit the bottom line directly.

 We have fast and easy access from I-40 and I-30 to our centrally-located office just south of Little Rock, AR.  We can ship to your location or you can come pick 'em up.


Unstuck LLC (501) 414-2366
P.O. Box 1677
Little Rock, AR 72203

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